About Glacier Tek.Service

Glacier Tek.Service is India’s leading calibration and validation service provider organization. Established in 2011 Glacier Tek.Service has an envious track record of serving several market leaders in India. Glacier Tek.Service is a team of 4 professionals comprising 10 Service Engineer in various disciplines such as calibration,Thermal Validation,Temperature Mapping,PLC validation, Steam Quality Test and Compressed Air & Nitrogen Testing. The team is slated to double in next three years.

The technologies deployed at Glacier Tek.Service are current and leading edge, duly validated. Technology is one of the key drivers of Glacier Tek.Service. Glacier Tek.Service has a policy to protect itself from technological obsolescence so as to serve its customers efficiently. Located at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) we extended our services throughout India. Laboratory Infrastructure is designed as per International norms of ISO 17025.

Why We are Leading ?

  • Glacier Has Vast Scope For Calibration and Validation of Instruments In Different Areas Like Pressure, Temperature, Dimensional, Electrical, Time and Utility Testing.

  • Trusted and Proven since established in service to India’s best corporate sector like Amanta Healthcare, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Claris Injectable Ltd., OTSUKA Pharmaceutical, lincoln Pharma, Hester, BDR Pharma, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Sakar Healthcare Pvt. ltd.

  • Laboraorty Infrastructure designed to comply Stringent norms of ISO 17025 which makes us reliable for accurate results.

  • Qualified & Trained Technical Team with sound experience in service sector which really understand the philosophy of service business.

  • Software based certification system which minimize manual error in documents.

  • Dedicated Q.A. staff to ensure quality of service and documents.

  • Our Reports complies to ISO, WHO, FDA, UK MHRA, US FDA, TGA Autralia, MCC South Africa Standards.

  • Prompt Service and Reliable results in very economical prices.

  • No overhead charges like onsite charges, travelling charges etc.

  • We all take Annual Contracts to provide service uninterrupted.