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Quality Begins with Confidence in the tools you use the Measurement you take, the products you make. We are fully aware as to how much critical your process control and precision measuring instruments are to you. GLACIER TEK. SERVICE Calibration laboratory has emerged after collecting vast experience of calibration in different parameter like Pressure, Temperature, Dimensional, Electrical, Time and Utility Testing. Our huge set up of calibration standards are directly Traceable to National / International Standards. Our Reports complies to ISO, WHO, FDA, UK MHRA, US FDA, TGA Autralia, MCC South Africa Standards. Audits. According to ISO requirements your measuring instruments must have valid calibration certificates, keeping in view the urgent Requirement of ISO certified companies throughout India we have decided to extend our calibration facilities to industrial users round the clock. Located in the pharmaceutical hub of Gujarat, Ahemedabad.

Glacier Tek.Service


Glacier Tek.Service Calibration, which is a process of comparison, is therefore associated with a level of uncertainty.

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Thermal Validation

Glacier Tek.Service provides validation of Sterilization Equipments like Autoclave, Dry Heat Sterilizer and De-pyrogenation Tunnel.

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Temperature Mapping

On Demand of our pharmaceutical Clients we have developed facility for temperature mapping of warehouses and clean-rooms.

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PLC Validation

Glacier Tek.Service PLC Validation which include Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input, Analog Output, HMI/MMI Varification.

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Steam Quality Test

The steam supply required for moist heat sterilization needs to be within the specifications set out in EN285:2006.

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Compressed Air & Nitrogen Testing

The demand for compressed air & nitrogen quality depends on its usage. Industries extremely high quality air importance.

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